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Products labeled by effect, not plant type.




Restore your vitality with RISE. A sessionable blend, designed to keep you focused and productive. Pairs great with exercise, work and multi-hour conversations about changing the world. 




Set yourself free with HIFI, a potent ride that combines energy with euphoria. This blend is designed to amplify your night, boost your creativity, and unveil the secret powers you always knew you had. 




Find your peace with ZEN, a smooth harmony of relaxation and rejuvenation. Take a moment for yourself and pair with a night in, the quiet outdoors, or a ridiculously comfortable outfit. 

7 all-flower prerollsRolled by the half gram, and comes with custom matchbox.

Available in RISE, HIFI, and ZEN 

Arizona, Nevada, and Washington

"If you're in a creative rut and need a cannabis-based blast to invigorate your art, HIFI is meant to work as artistic inspiration and also provide the perfect company to a concert."

-Merry Jane

Budlette eighth tins. Pack-ready

budlettes in discreet circular tins.

Available in RISE, HIFI, ZEN 

Arizona only

"With a focus on effects rather than specific strains, the packaging mirrors the ease of consuming with an anticipated and trusted high."


Full-spectrum + essential oils pen. All-in-one hardware, with blend of full-spectrum oil, distillate and essential oils. 

Available in RISE, HIFI, ZEN 

Arizona only

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